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If you spend too much time cleaning data in spreadsheets, Data Valet is the tool for you. Upload data and get immediate feedback on errors, inconsistencies, and mistakes.


We're specialists in ETL, data cleaning, normalization, and data QA. We whip the plumbing into shape, so your engineers and analysts can focus on the magic.

Open source

We are core contributors to Great Expectations, an open-source library that makes it easy to bring data pipelines under test. Automated testing helps us move faster and guarantee quality for all our work.

Clients and Partners

Featured in Rock Health's report: Demystifying AI and Machine Learning in Health Care.
Superconductive talk at Virta Health: Machine Learning in Health Care
Superconductive talk at Strata Data Conference: Pipeline testing with Great Expectations


Time to accelerate

Unwieldy information sharing is a critical bottleneck in American health care—a massive, unnecessary drain on quality of care and efficiency. The effects of fragmented data systems are indirect, but very real: failure to share data and information kills patients as surely as failure to wash hands. It frustrates clinicians and inconveniences patients, slows lifesaving research, and wastes billions of dollars.

Superconductive Health is focused exclusively on connecting, migrating, and normalizing health care data systems, because that’s where information exchange happens at scale. We’re pioneering new technology and better workflows, to accelerate data translation in health care by an order of magnitude.

Our team is a rare blend of two crucial skill sets:

  1. Deep domain knowledge in health care and life science data
  2. Modern, best practice for agile data engineering

We're passionate about using these skills to improve health care and life science.

Abe Gong

Entrepreneurship and data. Aspire Health, Stack Labs, Jawbone, Massive Health. PhD in public policy and complex systems.

Jacob Alcauskas

Operations, Client Engagements, and Engineering. Previously: oncology strategy, analytics, and technology; CTO of Kinsail (acquired ’14); US NRL

Ben Castleton

Client Engagements, ETL and BI. Health Catalyst, Partners Healthcare, PwC. ACO and Value-based Population Health initiatives.

Rob Lim

Full-Stack Web Development, Engineering. Previously: Castlight Health, DoctorBase, Kairoi Health. BA in Molecular Biology.

Andrew Rosenthal

Partnerships and commercial strategy. Digital health and data products including Jawbone, Medibio, Mio, Uber. Harvard MBA & Univ of Penn.

Max Gasner

Engineering leadership and machine learning. Previously: Bee, One Financial, Salesforce, Prior Knowledge, Navia Systems. Artisan knitting.