Software Engineer


About the work

Superconductive Health is a fast-growing startup on a mission to dramatically accelerate the meaningful exchange of life-saving data. We build, deploy, and maintain data infrastructure for a wide variety of healthcare, technology, and life sciences companies. Our approach combines high-impact technical consulting and SaaS products to dramatically speed up project timelines, with very high guarantees on data quality.

Our data consultants are at the center of that effort---responsible for making sure that every client contract is successful, and constantly improving Superconductive’s workflow and technology.

Why join Superconductive?

Let us count the ways. We can offer...

  • A world class team, with deep roots in health care and cutting-edge software and data development. We are actively cultivating a new cultural blend of excellent data engineering and high-performance consulting.

  • A fast-growing company with lots of opportunity for learning and personal growth.

  • Exposure to a broad cross-section of the health technology ecosystem. Superconductive is a picks-and-shovels supplier for the digital health gold rush. We thrive by diving into the areas that are most ready to change and helping them change even faster.

  • Data-driven product DNA. We draw on deep leadership experience from data-first health tech companies, like Jawbone, Aspire Health, and Health Catalyst. We look for opportunities to weave software, data, and algorithms into everything we do. The end result will be a dramatically different way of approaching data engineering in health care.

  • A distributed team with lots of flexibility around timing and individual work preferences. We currently have teammates in the San Francisco Bay Area, Salt Lake City, and Chicago.

  • And of course, competitive compensation

Must haves

To thrive on this team, you will need to…

  • Be skilled in either SQL or python (especially pandas), or both. R could work too*.

  • Communicate well--in writing, in person, and on Slack.

  • Be good at time management (e.g. estimating timelines, prioritizing tasks, avoiding rabbit holes, speaking up when you need help.)

  • Have data in your blood. The more curiosity you have about a wide variety of data from all walks of life, the better.

  • Play nice with others. Our culture emphasizes transparency, cooperation, and mutual support. Assholes need not apply.

Our team is set up to support and build these skills. We don’t expect black-belt virtuosity in any or all of these categories. We do expect everyone to bring good ideas and habits, so that they can contribute a collective culture of best practices.

We expect at least 2 years of related experience; most of our team has much more.

*We’re a python shop, but if you’re good at R and willing to learn, we may consider working with the right candidate.


  • Experience in healthcare and life science is a big plus. Part of Superconductive’s strength is our deep bench of healthcare domain experts.

  • Project management experience is a plus.

  • Analytics, statistics, and machine learning are a plus. Not every project needs these skills, but they’re an important part of our mix.

  • Devops and data infrastructure skills are a plus. They’re an important part our mix, too.

  • Experience with software development (especially in python and React) is a plus. We’re constantly improving internal tools to help us run faster, and shipping some of them as SaaS products.

Our mission

Unwieldy information sharing is a critical bottleneck in American health care—a massive, unnecessary drain on quality of care and efficiency. The effects of fragmented data systems are indirect, but very real: failure to share data and information kills patients as surely as failure to wash hands. It frustrates clinicians and inconveniences patients, slows lifesaving research, and wastes billions of dollars.

Superconductive Health is focused on connecting, migrating, and normalizing health care data systems, because that’s where information exchange happens at scale. We’re pioneering new technology and better workflows, to accelerate the meaningful exchange of life-saving data by at least a full order of magnitude.

To apply

Please send a resume and cover letter to with the subject line, “Data Consultant Application”.

Superconductive Health, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer.
In compliance with Federal law and the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) 22.1800, the selected candidate will be required to provide documentation that will verify their identity and eligibility to work in the United States.